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Results from May 17, 2014 Tournament at College of the Desert

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Men’s Epee, left to right:
3rd, Chris Getsla, Cabrillo
3rd, Jared Pfeffer, Guerra
2nd, Frank Hewitt, Cabrillo
1st Joseph Choo, FAN

Joseph earned is B14!






Men’s Foil, left to right:
3rd, Mark Johnson, DFA
3rd, Joseph Choo, FAN
2nd Jared Pfeffer, Guerra
1st, Dillon Cooke, Coeur du Lion






Men’s Saber, left to right:
1st, Alexey Khichenko, SoCal
2nd, Costa Nichols, COD/DFA
3rd, Lucas Dobrzanski, Kern Fencing 





This was our end-of-season 2013-2014 tournament.
This was also our last time fencing in the Wright Gymnasium.  The gym will be torn down the end of May and come September we will be hosting fencing tournaments in our new gym!!!

Our first tournament of the 2014-2015 fencing season will be Saturday, September 20, 2014 in our new gym!!