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A word from the armorer: The Leon Paul X-Change Mask

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Sam Signorelli, H.O.M Fencing and our San Bernardino Division armorer, has some info to share regarding the Leon Paul X-Change Mask.

The disk that sits at the back of the head and holds the mask on your head has three velcro straps.
There are 2 horizontal velcro straps that connect to tabs in the sides of the mask frame.
There is also a vertical velcro strap on top of the disk that connects to velcro at the top of the mask frame (which is hidden by the padding).

ALL THREE of these straps are REQUIRED.  At the most recent College of the Desert tournament, three people came with new X-Change masks…and all three had NOT affixed the top strap (which was due to poorly written instructions from LP).  We were able to jury rig 2 of them, while the third was fixed by mom going home to get the strap.

Please make sure you have all three straps in place.  I will be at the Hemet tournament and can help with the setup if you have not figured it out or had someone else do it already.

Additionally, there is a new rule about the mask restraint system in response to some masks coming off during action and is primarily aimed at the X-Changes.

The rule states that there must be 2 separate restraint systems in the mask.  For every mask out there, except for the X-Change, (and the Chinese non-FIE masks that use the same plastic disk system), the metal tongue is one system, the horizontal strap is the other.

The X-Change, however, only had a single system (the disk served both as the “tongue” and the horizontal strap).  New X-Change bibs coming out have a short “belt” that connects to the underside of the bib and goes around the back of the neck.

NOTE:  This is ONLY required at FIE competitions at present…USFA has not ruled on requiring them at local events, or even NACs.  If you have it and want to use it, fine…but it is not currently required for any domestic events.

The top strap, however, IS.

See you on the piste!

Sam Signorelli







Results from September 20, 2014 Tournament at College of the Desert

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Mixed Saber:  (left to right)
1st, Costa Nichols
2nd, Alec Steele
3rd, R2
3rd, Leslie Taft
(all DFA)






Mixed Epee:  (left to right)
3rd, Joel Marquez
3rd, Kevin Chao
2nd, Christopher Kwok
1st, Doug Thisthlethwaite






Doug fences for No Fear, Christoper for Guerra, Kevin for LAIFC and Joel is unattached.


Arturo Perez-Hunt (R2) earned his E14 in epee
Christopher Kwok earned his C14 in epee
Kevin Chao earned his C14 in epee

Congratulations to our Division fencers!!!












Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

A pair of Linea men’s knickers, size medium, were left in the COD gym after Saturday’s tournament.  Please contact Leslie, either phone/text, 760-218-1343 or email,, and we’ll see about returning the knickers to their owner.

– Leslie



1st San Bernardino Division Tournament at College of the Desert, Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Hi to all Fencers!

The first tournament of the 2014-2015 USFA/San Bernardino Division will be Saturday, September 20, 2014 held in the new gymnasium at College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA.

The new gym is beautiful and we have new men’s and women’s locker rooms and you may shower after fencing if you wish.

Best way to access the gym:  Take the Monterey Freeway off ramp.  You are heading south.  Take Monterey to Fred Waring and make a left turn onto Fred Waring.  Turn left into the main entrance of College of the Desert.  The Library will be on your right.  Drive forward to the “T” intersection, turn right and then left into Parking Lot #5.  There is the back (south) side of the gym.  You may park in the parking lot.

I will prop open the back door of the gymnasium for you to enter the gym.  The shower/locker room doors are outside on the east side of the gym.
The front doors of the gym are located on the north side of the campus and the restrooms are located in the northeast corner of the gym foyer.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Leslie Taft
San Bernardino Division