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College of the Desert Saturday, February 7, 2015 Tournament

Monday, February 16th, 2015

We thank all the fencers who come and compete in our Division tournaments!
Each and everyone of you make the events an exciting fencing time!
We’d like to thank Laura Holmgren, coach at Polytechnic School, for bringing her entire foil team!
Saber Fencers (left to right):

3rd, Cory Hutchinson, DFA
3rd, Emily Goldstone, DFA
2nd, Gabriel Lira, Arrowhead Fencing
1st, Lucas Dobrzanski,
Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation

Lucas earned his E15 rating and
said that this was the first time
he ever won a gold medal!


Foil Fencers (left to right):

2nd, Matthew Chan, Salle D’Asaro
3rd, Andrew Preusch, Gryphon
3rd, Ruben Quiroz, Arrowhead Fencing
1st, Matthew Soulanille, Polytechnic
earning his E15!





Epee Fencers (left to right):

3rd, Mark Segal, No Fear
3rd, Gypsy Bill Gelnaw, No Fear
2nd, Simon Redding, Fortune
earning his C15 rating!
1st, Tom Fiechtner, Coeur Du Lion
earning his B15!