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Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Hi to All,

There was an error posting for the up-coming April 18, 2015, Haake und Slasche.

Apparently, there were two different entries, one titled “Haacke Und Slasche” (incorrect),
and the other, “Haake und Slasche/San Bernardino (correct).

We did have fencers pre-registered on them both.

The incorrect “Haacke Und Slasche” has been removed and the pre-registered fencers notified.

The correct tournament to pre-register for is “Haake und Slasche/San Bernardino”.

The close of check-in times are:
9:00 a.m.,  mixed saber
10:00 a.m., women’s foil
11:00 a.m., men’s epee
2:00 p.m., men’s foil
4:00 p.m., women’s epee

Leslie Taft
Division Secretary/Treas.