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San Bernardino 2015-2016 Fencing Season

Friday, August 21st, 2015

Hi to all our San Bernardino Division fencers, parents, loved ones and hello to all those out-of-our Division fencers, their parents and loved ones.

We welcome you all to the 2015-2016 Fencing Season and San Bernardino Division fencing tournaments.

First and foremost……the new 800 Newton saber glove will be required for all saber fencers competing in a San Bernardino Division saber event as of October 1, 2015.

We know many of the saber fencers are scrambling to find and acquire the new saber glove.  If you don’t yet have one come the September 19 tournament at College of the Desert, you may fence saber but, thereafter, the new rule is in effect and you must have the 800 Newton saber glove.

Second and foremost……we will be checking gloves– foil, saber, epee, gardening (just kidding!).  It’s a new season, treat yourself to a new glove.  One with no rips, tears, coming apart areas, holes.

So, when you bring your mask to be checked, just put your glove on top of your mask.  Also, please put your name on your mask and in your glove.

Third and foremost…..have your membership card ready to show when you present yourself at registration.  If you are waiting to submit a membership form at the first tournament, please have it already filled out.

All the San Bernardino Division tournaments have been posted to AskFred.
We are just waiting on confirmation of April dates.

All dates are Saturday tournament.  Just to get your started:
Sept. 19 at College of the Desert, 3-weapon
Oct. 17 at Hemet High School, 3-weapon
Nov. 21, at Hemet High School, J.O. Quals
Dec. 12, at College of the Desert, 3-weapon
Jan. 16, at UC Riverside, 3-weapon
Feb. 6, at Hemet High School, 3-weapon
Mar.  19, at College of the Desert, Div Quals
Apr. to be determined, Haake und Slasche
May 14, at College of the Desert, 3-weapon, end-of-season

The San Bernardino Division wishes everyone a fun, happy and successful fencing season!

Leslie Taft