January 14, 2017 Tournament at Hemet High School

Our first fencing tournament of 2017 was held at Hemet High School.  We had a great turnout with 27 fencers for foil, 21 fencers for epee and 12 fencers for saber.

Reynaldo Navarro, South Coast Fencing Center, took first place in saber and earned his E17 rating.

In foil, Ethan Hodess, LAIFC, took 1st place, earning his D17, in 2nd place, Christine Wang, Gryphon Fencing, earned her E17, in 3rd place, Daniel-Douglas Walker, Victor Valley High School/Fencing Academy of Nevada, earned his E17 and also in 3rd place, Gary Zeiss, Beverly Hills Fencers’ Club, earned his E17.

In epee, Frank Hewitt, Cabrillo, took 1st place and earned his A17 rating, in 2nd place, Benjamin Folayan, Tournament Fencers Club/Red Rock Fencing Center, earned his B17, in 3rd place was Timothy Marsh, No Fear, earning his C17, in 6th place, Arturo Perez-Hunt, Desert Fencing Academy, earning his D17 and in 8th place, Leann Labra, UCR, earning her E17.

Our next tournament is February 11 at Hemet High School.  This is our San Bernardino Division Qualifier for Summer Nationals.  Only fencers who are members of the San Bernardino Division can participate in this qualifier.

Events and times are posted on AskFred.net.  Please pre-register, but you can register at the door.

Epee (l-r) 1st place, Frank Hewitt, Cabrillo, earning his A17, 2nd place, Benjamin Folayan, TFC, earning his B17, 3rd place, Tim Marsh, No Fear, earning his C17, 3rd place, Bill Gelnaw, No Fear







Saber (l-r) 3rd place, Gary Zeiss, BHFC, 2nd place, R2, DFA, 1st place, SCFC, Reynaldo Navarro, earning his E17






Foil (l-r) 1st place, Ethan Hodess, LAIFC, earning his D17, 2nd place, Christine Wang, Gryphon, earning her E17, 3rd place, Daniel-Douglas Walker, VVHS, earning his E17

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