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March 11, 2017 Fencing Tournament at Hemet High School

Friday, March 17th, 2017

Foil (l-r), 3rd, Iven Ponce, Victor Valley High School, 3rd, Kelvyn Aguilar, Hemet High School, 2nd, Zacherie Meredyth, Hemet High School, 1st, Daniel-Douglas Walker, Victor Valley High School and earning his E17












Saber (l-r), 3rd Jade Abbott, Hemet High School, 3rd, Leslie Taft, Desert Fencing Academy, 2nd, Lucas Dobrzanski, Kern Athletic Fencing, 1st, Gabriel Lira, Arrowhead Fencing











Epee (l-r) 2nd place, David Polakoski, Encinitas Fencing and earning his B17, 1st, Alex Soderberg, Team Touche















Epee was an A2 event with 30 fencers.  Other fencers earning their rating in epee include:

5th place, Eric Zhang, Team Touche, earning his C17
6th place, Gabriel Lira, Arrowhead Fencing, earning his C17
8th place, Mark Olson, earning his C17
9th place, Matthew Lee, Beverly Hills Fencers’ Club, earning his D17
10th place, Richard Lee, Beverly Hills Fencers’ Club, earning his D17
10th place, William McCloud, Desert Fencing Academy, earning his D17




Referee Clinic on Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sunday, March 5th, 2017

To all San Bernardino Division member fencers, and fencers outside our Division, the San Bernardino Division, in conjunction with Ken Wheeler of UCR, is hosting a referee clinic on Saturday, April 1.  Derek Cotton will lead the clinic on Saturday, there will be a written exam and then, on Sunday, April 2, there will be a fencing tournament so that those who participated in the lecture portion of the Referee Clinic can be observed and earn a Referee rating.

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a referee and earning a rating to do so in one weekend.

For more information on the Referee Clinic and to pre-register, please go to

Please note, that come the 2017-2018 fencing season, for all Division tournaments and for any tournaments that used to be “self-referee” tournaments, the new rule from the USFA, all such tournaments must have at least one rated referee.  It does not matter the level of the rating nor the weapon, just that there be a person present who is a rated referee, otherwise, any rating that is earned at the tournament will not be recognized.  An even more urgent reason to get our San Bernardino Division fencers certified with a Referee rating.

This is a wonderful opportunity and, again, all information is posted on  And Derek Cotton is the teacher!!!