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St. Patrick’s Day Tournament at College of the Desert

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

There was a “pot o’ gold” for the fencers competing Saturday, March 17, 2018 at the 3-weapon open and “D” and Under held at College of the Desert.

Saber (l-r): 1st place, Leslie Taft (DFA), 2nd place, Costa NicholsĀ  (DFA), 3rd place, Victor Bianchini (Golden Saber Academy), 3rd, Gabriel Lira (Arrowhead Fencing). Leslie earned her E2018 saber rating!










Div 3 Saber: (l-r): 3rd place, Samuel Weinger, 3rd place, Victor Bianchini (Golden Saber Academy), 2nd place, Arnav Raja (Gryphon Fencing), 1st place, Lucas Dobrzanski ( Kern Athletic Fencing). Lucas earned his E2018 rating in saber!




Div 3 Foil (l-r): 3rd place, Braden Wiegand-Shahani (Salle d’Escrime of Prescott), 3rd place, Paul Zappia (DFA), 2nd place, Mark Johnson (DFA), 1st place, Leann Labra (UCR).










Foil (l-r): 3rd place, Emily Coward (Anaheim Hills Fencers Club), 3rd place, Paul Zappia (DFA), 2nd place Mark Johnson (DFA), 1st place, Christine Wang (Gryphon Fencing).










Epee (l-r): 3rd, place Charles Munoz (Wildcat Fencing), 3rd place, Caelan Creekmur (Southwest Fencing Club), 2nd place, James Fowler (Wildcat Fencing), 1st place, Austin Carter (Phoenix Falcons Fencing Club). Caelan earned his C2018 and Austin earned his B2018 in epee!











Div 3 Epee (l-r): 3rd place, Ashton Arrington (DFA), 2nd place, William McCloud (DFA), 1st place, Caelan Creekmur (Southwest Fencing Club).