Saturday, March 16, 2019 3-Weapon Tournament at Hemet High School

With the wearin’ o’ the green this day before St. Pat’s Day, we had an exciting tournament with mixed saber, mixed foil, mixed epee and women’s epee.

Even with the FIE Grand Prix going on in Anaheim, we had a good turnout with fencers and want to thank everyone who came and participated.

Six ratings were awarded:
Anthony Jiang, Spartak, earned his E19 rating in saber
Paul Zappia, Desert Fencing Academy, earned his E19 rating in foil
Alexander Jung, Battle Born Fencing Club, earned his B19 rating in epee
Robert Gallegos, UCR Fencing, earned his C19 rating in epee
Juan Velo, Swords Fencing Studio, earned his C19 rating in epee
Joshua Ruh, Hemet High School, earned his E19 rating in epee

Congratulations to the fencers earning their rating and thanks to all the fencers who came and made our competition fun and exciting.

Our next tournament will be at Hemet High School, Saturday, April 20, 2019.

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