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Saturday, February 8, 2020, San Bernardino Division 3Weapon Tournament at Hemet High School

Saturday, February 15th, 2020

We had a great turnout for our February tournament at Hemet High School.
88 fencers, from Arizona, Nevada, San Diego, Orange Coast, So Cal and San Bernardino.

With so many fencers, and such good fencing, the Division awarded new ratings in Saber and Epee!

In Saber: Earning his E20, Alec Gibson, Desert Fencing Academy

In Epee: Earning his A20, Chuck Alexander, No Fear
Earning his B20, Charles Munoz, Wildcat Fencing
Earning his B20, Aaron Kim, Orange County Fencing Center
Earning his C20, Alexander Foreman, Beverly Hills Fencers’ Club
Earning his E20, Justin Perkins-Ollila, Wildcat Fencing

Congratulations to these fencers!

The next San Bernardino Division 3-weapon tournament will be Saturday, March 21, 2020, at Hemet High School. Pre-registration is open on AskFred.

Also, Saturday, April 4, 2020, College of the Desert will be hosting the Division’s 3-weapon tournament.

A special item has been added, as some requests have been made, for Vet Men’s Epee, 65, 70, 80 and above, with an E or under rating.

We are going to give this a go and see what kind of turnout we get.

Have been asked by some of the men epee fencers in this age range, if the Division would consider offering such an event. It’s a bit much, they have said, to fence all the “young ones” and all the “rated ones”, and would we offer something more in range of their age and ability.

So, to our Vet men epee fencers who fit into this “niche”, sign up, come out and fence. And if you know of anyone who is starting to fence and compete and would like to take advantage of this opportunity, let them know.

Epee (l-r):
Epee (l-r): 1st, Chuck Alexander (No Fear), 3rd, Aaron Kim (Orange County Fencing Center), 2nd, Charles Munoz (Wildcat Fencing). Chuck earned his A20 rating and both Aaron and Charles earned their B20 ratings!
Women’s Epee (l-r): 3rd, Felicia Beardsley, 2nd Sarah Hepler (San Luis Highlanders Fencing Club), 3rd, Cindy Buenrostro (San Diego Fencing Center), 1st, Susan Michelle Vargas (San Diego Fencing Center)
Foil (l-r): 3rd, Jeff Keeney (South Coast Fencing Center), 3rd, David Ignacio (San Dimas Fencing Academy), 2nd, Dennis Stephen (Desert Fencing Academy), 1st, Zakaree Simanton (Arizona Fencing Academy).
Saber (l-r): 3rd, Leslie Taft (Desert Fencing Academy), 2nd, Rhiley Williams (West Coast Fencing Center), 1st, Alec Gibson (Desert Fencing Academy). Alec earned his E20 rating!