End-Of-Season 3-Weapon Tournament at College of the Desert, May 18, 2019

May 23rd, 2019

The End-of-Season 3-Weapon tournament was held at College of the Desert on Saturday, May 18, 2019. We had a great turnout and want to thank all the fencers who came and competed. We gave out 7 new ratings in foil, saber and epee! Congratulations to all those fencers earning their new ratings!

Saber (l-r:) 1st, Eric Wang (Laguna Fencing Center), 2nd, Ethan Gershenfeld (ASU), 3rd, Ian Maskiewicz (DFA), 3rd, Sam Signorelli (Swordplay). Eric earned his D19, Ian earned his E19 and Sam earned his E19 rating in Saber. Congrats!
Foil (l-r): 3rd, Michael Nam (OCFC), 3rd, Wilson Chen (Golubitsky), 2nd, Luke Goldade (OCFC), 1st, Theo Schenck (Lionhart). Theo earned his D19 rating and Michael earned his E19 rating in foil. Congrats!
Epee (l-r): 3rd, Joshua Ruh (Hemet High School), 3rd, William McCloud (DFA), 2nd, Karen Bei (Team Touche) 1st, Kamin Morrelli (DFA). Both Joshua and William earned their D19 rating in epee. Congrats!

April 20, 2019 Hemet High School Tournament in Photos

April 28th, 2019

Epee (l-r): 3rd, Patrick Burton (Fortune), 3rd, Frank Hewitt (Cabrillo), 2nd, Bill Gelnaw (No Fear) earning his B2019 rating, 1st, Garrett Carnahan (Fortune) earning his A2019 rating.

Foil (l-r): 3rd, Gabriel Lira (Arrowhead), 3rd, Zander Vazquez (United Fencing Academy), 2nd, Timothy Bold (Columbus Fencing), 1st, Theo Schenck (Lionheart Fencing).

Saber (l-r): 3rd, Dennis Stephen (Desert Fencing Academy), 3rd, Geo Navarro (Hemet High School), 2nd, Gabriel Lira (Arrowhead), 1st, Michael Rierdan (San Diego Fencing Center) and earning his E2019 rating in saber.

March 16, 2019 Tournament at Hemet High School in Pictures

March 22nd, 2019
Epee (l-r): 1st, Alexander Jung (Battle Born Fencing), 2nd, Marc Kuritz (No Fear), 3rd, Juan Velo (Swords Fencing), 7th, Joshua Ruh (Hemet High School). Alexander earned his B19, Juan earned his C19, Joshua earned his E19.

Saturday, March 16, 2019 3-Weapon Tournament at Hemet High School

March 20th, 2019

With the wearin’ o’ the green this day before St. Pat’s Day, we had an exciting tournament with mixed saber, mixed foil, mixed epee and women’s epee.

Even with the FIE Grand Prix going on in Anaheim, we had a good turnout with fencers and want to thank everyone who came and participated.

Six ratings were awarded:
Anthony Jiang, Spartak, earned his E19 rating in saber
Paul Zappia, Desert Fencing Academy, earned his E19 rating in foil
Alexander Jung, Battle Born Fencing Club, earned his B19 rating in epee
Robert Gallegos, UCR Fencing, earned his C19 rating in epee
Juan Velo, Swords Fencing Studio, earned his C19 rating in epee
Joshua Ruh, Hemet High School, earned his E19 rating in epee

Congratulations to the fencers earning their rating and thanks to all the fencers who came and made our competition fun and exciting.

Our next tournament will be at Hemet High School, Saturday, April 20, 2019.

February 9, 2019 Tournament at Hemet High School

February 10th, 2019

We had 53 fencers at our February tournament!
We had fencers from Arizona, Nevada, San Diego and L.A.
A gym full of fencers!

Epee: (l-r): 1st, Eric Zhang (Team Touche), 2nd, James Fowler (Wildcat Fencing), 3rd, Jimmy Diederichs (Red Rock Fencing), 3rd Frank van Dyke (Red Rock Fencing). Eric earned his A rating and Jimmy earned his B in epee!
Epee (l-r): 1st, Eric Zhang (Team Touche), 2nd, James Fowler (Wildcat Fencing), 3rd, Jimmy Diederichs (Red Rock Fencing Center), 3rd, Frank van Dyke (Red Rock Fencing Center). Eric earned his A rating and Jimmy earned his B in epee!
Foil (l-r): 3rd, Aiden Ryou (San Diego Fencing Center), 3rd, Matthew Moore (Gryphon), 2nd, Luke Goldade (South Coast Fencing Center), 1st Landon Lam (Orange County Fencing Center). Landon earned his E rating in foil!
Saber (l-r): 3rd, Lucas Dobrzanski (Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation), 2nd, Dennis Stephen (DFA), 1st, Jade Abbott (HHS).

December 1, 2018 UCR Tournament in Photos

December 4th, 2018

Epee: (l-r): 3rd,Bill Gelnaw (No Fear), 3rd, Frank Hewitt (Cabrillo), 1st, George Fuller (No Fear), 2nd, Kamin Morrelli (DFA). Kamin earned his B18 as well as Bill!

D3 Epee (l-r): 3rd, Emily Griffen (Gryphon), 1st, Eric Speicher (Conejo Fencing Club), 2nd, Brian Speicher (Conejo Fencing Club). Both father and son earned their C18 and Emily her D18!

Foil (l-r): 3rd, Luke Goldade (South Coast Fencing Center), 3rd, Lucas Nichols (UCSB), 2nd, Adam Selivanov (United Fencing Academy), 1st, Andrew Stroud (Gryphon Fencing).
Andrew earned his D18!

D3 Foil (l-r): 2nd, Jonas Ma (Golubitsky Fencing Center), 1st, Lucas Nichols (UCSB), 3rd, Banseok Kim (Anaheim Hills Fencers Club), 3rd, Adam Selivanov (United Fencing Academy). Jonas earned his E18, Lucas earned his D18 and Banseok earned his E18 in foil!

Saber (l-r): 3rd, Jeremy Marquez (UCSB), 2nd, Linda Stroud (Gryphon Fencing), 1st, Christ McMahon (UCSB).

December 1, 2018 Tournament at UCR

December 4th, 2018

Want to thank all the fencers who came and participated in the December 1 tournament at UCR.
In addition to our 3-weapon open and “D” and under,  UCR was also hosting an inter-collegiate  event.
Some of the inter-collegiate fencers participated in our open events.  Made for some exciting competition!

Eleven ratings were awarded:
Kamin Morrelli, Desert Fencing Academy, B18 in epee
William Gelnaw, No Fear, B18 in epee
Eileen Ertas, San Diego Fencing Center, C18 in epee
Eric Speicher, Conejo Fencing Club, C18 in epee
Brian Speicher, Conejo Fencing Club, C18 in epee
Emily Griffen, Gryphon Fencing, D18 in epee
Christine Gasparich, USC, E18 in epee
Andrew Stroud, Gryphon Fencing, D18 in foil
Lucas Nichols, UCSB, D18 in foil
Jonas Ma, Golubitsky Fencing Center, E18 in foil
Banseok Kim, Anaheim Hills Fencing Center, E18 in foil

The Div 3 epee gold medal bout pitted father, Eric Speicher, against son, Brian.  Final score, dad 15, son 12, both earning a C18.  The entire assembly of fencers and spectators watched this bout!


November 10, 2018 Tournament at Hemet High School

November 15th, 2018

We had a large, and exciting, tournament at Hemet High School, Saturday, November 10, 2018.
We had 82 fencers and had events in Mixed Saber, Mixed Epee, Women’s Epee, Men’s and Women’s Foil.
11 ratings were given out ranging from A2018 to E2018 in all weapons.
Congratulations to all the competitors!

Saber (l-r) : 2nd, Lucas Dobrzanski (Kern Fencing), 1st, Ian Kim (Polytechnic), 3rd, Leslie Taft (DFA), 3rd, Emily Coward (AHFC). Ian earned his E2018!










Women’s Foil (l-r) 1st, Devon Nguyen (AHFC), 2nd, Chris Craig, 3rd, Caroline Hashimoto (Polytechnic), 3rd, Emily Rotunda (Cathedral Catholic High School). Devon earned her E2018!










Men’s Foil (l-r): 3rd, Gunnar Kaczor (Gryphon), 3rd, Ryan Li (Precision Athletics), 2nd, Justin Oh (AHFC), 1st, Luke Goldade (SCFC). Luke earned his D2018, Gunnar and Ryan both earned their E2018!










Women’s Epee (l-r): 3rd, Stephanie Fowler (Wildcat), 2nd, Emily Griffen (Gryphon), 1st, Brynn Thoreson (Battle Born Fencing Club), 3rd, Ariana Dorticos (DFA).










Men’s Epee (l-r): 3rd, Casey Thorne (East Bay Fencers), 3rd, Jim Beihold (Swords), 2nd, Austin Carter (Phoenix Falcons), 1st, James Fowler (Wildcat Fencing). James earned his A2018 rating, Casey earned his B2018,




















November 10, 2018, 3-Weapon Tournament at Hemet High School

October 10th, 2018

Our San Bernardino Division has received inquiries/requests if we would consider hosting women only epee events.

This November 10, the Division did include a women’s only epee event, close of check-in at 11:00 a.m.

Then, we received requests if it would be possible to change the time to later in the day for the ladies who wanted to compete in the mixed epee event as well as the ladies only.

So we did.  Close of check-in for women only epee will be 2:00 p.m. with fencing commencing at 2:30 p.m.

You may pre-register now for the November 10 tournament at Hemet High School.

J.O. Quals at Hemet High School, Saturday, October 20, 2018

October 7th, 2018

The San Bernardino Division qualifier for the Junior Olympics will be held at Hemet High School on Saturday, October 20, 2018,  Pre-registration on AskFred is open.

You must be a USFA member of the San Bernardino Division to participate in this qualifier.  Any out-of-division fencers may not participate.

All close of check-in times for events are posted on AskFred.