San Bernardino Division 2021-2022 Tournament Schedule

June 14th, 2021

Hi to all the members of the San Bernardino Division.

Currently, our venues, College of the Desert and UC Riverside, are in lockdown due to Covid-19 and it seems that for the first half of the fencing season, September-December, no fencing tournaments will be held. And we are not sure what is in store for us come January 2022.

Gryphon fencing club in Murrieta, California, is a USFA member and a San Bernardino Division club.
They have the possibility of running small sized tournaments at their club and the Division has already let them know that their tournaments are sanctioned by the Division which means ratings can be awarded to the fencers. Any tournaments that they host will be posted on AskFred.

We are also searching for other venues in nearby areas that will allow us to use their facility for Division open tournaments. We are hoping that this possibility will become available in 2022, (if not a bit before then).

This is why you will not see any San Bernardino Division tournaments posted on AskFred at this time.

We will keep you posted on any developments.

Thank you.